Thursday, December 6, 2007

This is just wrong

Someone in the design department is friends with Nicole Richie.


And Now For an Important Anti-Drug Message:

This has been an important anti-drug message.


Dumbass lawsuit of the week

People are still trying to sue Borat! This time it's a man by the name of Michael Psenicska - he's the driving instructor that gave a lesson to Borat in the film. He is suing Sacha Baron Cohen and 20th Century Fox for over $100,000 accusing the producers of lying to him about the film.

Michael says he was told that the footage was for a documentary about "the integration of foreign people into the American way of life". He was paid $500 for his appearance. He also alleges he would not have taken part in the film if he had known it was a mockumentary comedy.

Bullshit, he's pissed because he only got $500 out of it!

20th Century Fox spokesperson Gregg Brilliant says tough luck, "He signed a release, and we have an agreement. Now, two-and-a-half years after giving his consent and more than one year after the movie was released, Mr Psenicska has decided to file a lawsuit, citing the financial success of the film, in spite of our agreement."


No plastic surgery for Hannibal

Yesterday Scarlett Johansson threatened to sue Us Weekly over a story about plastic surgery. Today Anthony Hopkins weighs in with his opinion.

Anthony, who is 69, swears he will never, ever go under the knife. He says, "Well, what are you going to do? You see other actors having their faces done and you think, 'Why? Don't do all that stuff, you look ridiculous.' "It changes the structure of their faces. I knew a wonderful actor, who shall remain nameless, and when I met him just before he died, he looked like he'd turned into someone else. I didn't even know who he was. Leave it alone for heaven's sake. Just get old."

I wonder who he's referring to.


They are so cultured!

Life is just so hard for Madonna and family!! Their dilemma? The entire family are now speaking in different languages!! And I'm talking in addition to Madonna's Detroit and faux-British accents! (Though my personal favorite was Nicki Finn from Who's That Girl--reprised later by Shannon Doherty on the Lavi-erne episode of 90210)

Madge and Guy have been taking lessons in Chichewa, the native tongue of their adopted Malawian son
David. Not to be outdone, little Lourdes is learning French at the Lycee Francais school that she attends in London. So their daily life at home contains a mixture of French, English and Chichewa words! What a melting pot!!

I miss the old Madonna that spoke this language.


24 X 48

Kiefer Sutherland surrendered to jail yesterday at 5:46pm to begin serving a 48 day sentence for his DUI conviction. He is expected to serve his entire term.

A spokesman for the jail said, "Mr. Sutherland is very polite and humble. He was very cooperative during the booking process. He will be issued an orange jumpsuit, and will be housed alone in a cell, since he'll be a long-term inmate."

Keifer will be an inmate worker and his duties include doing laundry and serving meals, which is the only contact he'll have with other inmates.

PEOPLE reports that Keifer's cell is 8 by 10 feet and has a toilet, washbasin and water fountain. He will get (and serve) two hot and one cold meal a day, including such delectable choices as corn flakes, turkey sandwiches, meatloaf, mac-n-cheese and chicken a la king. He will be allowed two 15 minute visits a day between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Those inmates are so lucky!! How many people can say Jack Bauer served them corn flakes?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Paris Hilton is beautiful!

Looks like Paris has been taking tips from Vera de Milo (go to 2:53)!


Scarlett Johansson doesn't want to alienate old hags

Scarlett Johansson is threatening to sue Us Weekly magazine after they ran a photo of her and below quoted her as saying, "I definitely believe in plastic surgery. I don't want to be an old hag. There's no fun in that." She's also pissed that the mag implied that she had a nose job.

Scarlett is now denying that she said that and is afraid the quote will damage her image and alienate her fans. In a statement she said, "I have always been straightforward with the press regarding my body image and I am very concerned that my fans (and perhaps even my employers) will feel mislead. Thus, I feel compelled to take immediate legal action against Us Weekly."

Yeah right, she said it and she meant it!


Salt N Peppa to push hair real good

In even more celebrity business venture news, Sandra Denton and Cheryl James, a.k.a Salt-N-Peppa, are planning to launch a hair-weave franchise together.

Sandra (Peppa) said,
"Some people can't grow hair. They need hair and we can supply it!" Finally, someone can help Britney!

Spinderella will be growing the hair, she always gets the short end of the stick!

Hey, 90's music video flashback time!!


Celebrity endorsements, lawsuits, and inner gay men

The very awesome Victoria Beckham told Page Six recently that she is sick of celebrities that slap their names on products such as clothing lines and perfumes and have nothing to do with the production. As you may know, Vicky has designed jeans lines for Rock & Republic and Rocawear, but she insists she is different because she was actively involved in the production.

On the endorsing stars she said,
"There are so many - and I hate the word celebrities - clothing lines and fragrances, and most of them have nothing to do with it. I'm so camp! I'm a gay man trying to get out!"

There are actually two gay man trying to get out and it appears they are attempting to escape out of her chest!


In related news, Teri Hatcher is being sued by cosmetics company Hydroderm for a complete refund of her $2.4 million endorsement deal plus $400,000 in expenses. Hydroderm says that Teri signed an exclusive endorsement deal in 2005 but his since cheated on them by endorsing at least 17 of their competitors. That makeup slut! One of the competitors, City Cosmetics, has a lip plumper that is a direct competitor to Hydroderm's lip plumper and Terri posed for pictures applying the competing product!

The lawsuit says: "Hatcher's name, image and likeness have been linked to so many competitors' products (at least 17!) that it is anyone's guess as to what product keeps her skin and lips youthful."

Oooh, oooh, wait,I know the answer!! BOTOX!
Youthful though? A youthful corpse maybe.

Teri's legal representative has responded to the claims calling the allegations an "unjustified and public assault on Teri Hatcher's good name, reputation and celebrity." The statement continues,
"Ms. Hatcher will respond swiftly and decisively by appropriate legal means to recover everything she is owed under her contract, as well as compensatory and punitive damages for Hydroderm's outrageous accusations."

Seems like Teri just proved Posh's point.


Feel smarter in 42 seconds!

Sherri Shepherd - Wow!

Monday, December 3, 2007


Fox announced yesterday that Tom Petty has been chosen to headline the Super Bowl halftime show on February 3rd.

Seriously? No offense to Tom Petty, but are they on a budget or something?

There has been much speculation that the Eagles, not Petty, would receive the honor.

Many people think this is yet another attempt to have a "safe" half-time show since the Nipplegate fiasco.

It may not be so bad. Maybe he'll do You Don't Know How It Feels and sing the "let's roll another joint" part while actually smoking one. How cool would that be?


Eva Mendes is awesome!!

"You know what really pisses me off? I've heard so many actresses say something to the effect that it's very difficult to be beautiful in this business. And you know, I'm not violent but I literally want to strangle them. I want to tell them, 'No, it's difficult being overweight in this business. It's difficult being from a minority or having some kind of physical or mental disability. But the easiest thing is to be beautiful in this business.' Why do they say that? It sounds so arrogant."

Yeah, suck on that Jessica Alba!


Does anyone even give a crap about this guy anymore?

Remember when Akon threw that fan off the stage at one of his concerts earlier this year? Yeah, everyone does right? Except for maybe Akon. Well ok, maybe he does, he didn't mean it.

Akon plead not guilty to charges of endangering the welfare of a minor and second-degree harassment stemming from the fan-throwing incident in Fishkill, NY in June. The fan apparently threw something at Akon, who then ordered the teen be brought up onstage and proceeded to hoist him up on his shoulders and throw him back into the audience. The thrown fan landed on another teen, who reported she suffered a concussion.

Akon's lawyer Benjamin Brafman, attempted to use the Axl Rose defense in court today saying that, "It was never Akon's intention to violate the law. This unfortunate incident was a spontaneous reaction during a live concert that Akon deeply regrets."

So he regrets it, he's still guilty!


Jessica Sierra arrested again; Offers cop oral sex

Last week, I posted about how former American Idol contestant Jessica Sierra hasn't been doing so well since the show. She had some trouble with drugs and was arrested for battery. But things were starting to look up. She got a gig (and a chance at recovery) on VH1's Celebrity Rehab and a deal that if she didn't violate parole, that her battery charge would be wiped from her record.

Well, turns out neither of those things worked out so well. Jessica was arrested again on Saturday at a bar and charged with disorderly intoxication and obstructing justice. She is being held in jail after being denied bond.

If that's not enough, now details are coming out surrounding the arrest. TMZ has obtained police reports where Jessica told the arresting officer, "I'll suck your dick if you don't take me to jail."

If that's not enough, she also dropped the N bomb a bunch of times when referring to the cop (I guess he didn't take her up on her offer) and shoved him.

In related news, fellow Idol season 4 contestant Constantine Maroulis, who recently performed at a mall, is said to be relieved that he is no longer considered the most pathetic cast member of that season.

Happy Birthday Britney!!

I wish I had a good weave!

Britney Spears celebrated her 45th birthday Saturday night!!

What? She's 26? Damn.

The party brought Brit back together with her former BFF Paris Hilton!! The two left the party together to go party more at the Four Seasons!


Asshat of the Week!!

Yeah, it's only Monday so I know I'm already counting my asshats before they hatch, but anytime anyone uses the "Do you know who I am?" line, they get an automatic pass without passing Go and collecting $200.

Montel Williams didn't just say this, but also added on a personal threat last Friday to a HIGH SCHOOL student in Savannah, GA. He was there to promote a program giving free prescriptions to low-income people. A local high-school student named Courtney Scott was an intern at the Savannah Morning-News and asked Montel, "Do you think pharmaceutical companies would be discouraged from research and development if their profits were restricted?"

Montel angrily responded with "I'm trying to figure out exactly why you are here and what the interview is about. I'm here as a patient advocate talking about the fact that medications available today are saving people's lives, that's what's saving mine and after that, this interview is done."

Later that day, the reporters returned to the hotel for an unrelated story and Montel got in Courtney's face, pointed his finger at her and yelled: "Don't look at me like that. Do you know who I am? I'm a big star, and I can look you up, find where you live and blow you up."

Montel later tried to save face by apologizing and claiming it was a misunderstanding on his part because he thought they were at the hotel to confront him about his earlier dumbass comments.

Nice try Montel, but it's too late. We have taken a sample of your DNA and the test results confirm that you...


Indeed an asshat!