Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye West doesn't care about white country singers

(sung to the tune of "Stronger")

Get lit, start shit, throw fit, just quit
Douchebag, loser, bastard, fucker!

Na-na-na-now they wanna kill me,
Cause I acted like a fucker
I seriously need to grow up now
And stop acting like a soreass sucker
Perhaps maybe I should have allowed
Taylor to talk a bit longer
Man, I’m regrettin’ it right now,
Hope my career don’t suffer

I need help right now,
Where’s my publicist now?

On the sauce tonight,
Was pissed that Beyonce lost tonight.
Jump up on the stage, I'm a douche alright,
Cuz I don't give a crap about being polite
Here comes, hey Taylor give me that award!
Damn, look at me, I’m a real famewhore
I suck ass, I’m immature,
Now nobody likes my rants anymore

How in the presence of greatness
'Can they boo at me? but nevertheless
This will be covered by all the press
That I’m bullying the country princess
Lost my head, went nuts, threw a fit,
It was worse than that time the guy from Oasis spit
Or that dude from Rage climbed up that sh*t
Can’t help it, phony, bein’ a dick
Pickin’ on chicks, later!

Na-na-na-now I blame Hennessey
Can that stuff be any stronger?
I gotta go throw up now
Can’t sit here much longer
I just don’t understand how
Everyone thinks I’m wronger
Than that Lady Gaga blood shit
Beyonce changed her number

I need meds right now,
Call the doctor right now.

I don't know if my date’s a man or not,
Wonderin’ that a lot,
Don’t really matter cause I think she’s hot
Or maybe that should be I think he’s hot
We like to go to Rodeo on shopping sprees
Then go home and check out the latest Glee
But if I had to choose, I’d choose me
Ain’t trippin', I'm caught up in my ego, a’ight?
I mean, look at me I’m God-like,
A mirror and KY for a good night
Singing with a vocoder on my mic
Ranting on my blog, CAPS-LOCKED keys I strike
Calling people SQUIDBRAINS and the like
Dressing like Steve Urkel on his prom night
All these things makin me a
Douchebag, loser, bastard, fucker!

Na-na-na- it’s all over tv
About how I’m a fucker
The bitches on the View are saying
“He’s got less manners than a trucker”
I just had a little outburst
This won’t last much longer
It ain’t like I’m Chris Brown
He probably would’ve clocked her

I need nap right now,
I need nap right now.

Seriously, what about that Lady Gaga?
And Pink exposing her ta-ta?
I think Russell Brand had a boner
Beyonce deserved that honor.

Beyonce deserved that honor.
Beyonce deserved that honor.
Beyonce deserved that honor.
Beyonce deserved that honor.