Friday, March 20, 2009

This next song goes out to Paris Hilton...

I recently saw Papa Roach live for the first time and I've gotta say, they're pretty damn awesome. I never really gave them much credit before and they surprised the hell out of me at that show.

Here's a video off their upcoming album,
Metamorphosis (comes out next Tuesday, March 24th) , it's called "Hollywood Whore" and it's my new favorite song. At the show, lead singer Jacoby Shaddix dedicated it to the lovely Paris Hilton-

Be warned though, around 2:50 it gets a little
Raiders of the Lost Ark scary, but it's awesome.

"Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya honey!" I think I love this dude!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Asshat Idol - Top 11 - sorry so late

I'm starting to wonder if this is even necessary this season because I feel like every week I'll just be posting Adam and Megan's performances.

In case you're one of the two people that hasn't seen Adam Glambert's amazing rendition of "Ring of Fire" or if you insist you hate it but just can't stop yourself from watching it one more time, here it is, complete with Randy Travis protesting wayyy too much:

It's like this dude slipped America a cosmo/roofie/acid cocktail and then slipped them something else up their collective conservative ass. And it freaked everyone the hell out because it was so strange yet incredible and it BURNS like a motherfucker!!. Which is awesome, especially after 8 seasons of this show. The closest we came to this was Sanjaya or maybe that time Fantasia performed, but it's clear now that they were just the warm-up acts. People are all "Johnny Cash is rolling over in his grave." No he ain't, he's loving this shit. He covered Nine Inch Nails for Christsakes.

On to my other favorite girl, Megan Joy (apparently she dropped the Corkery-- Which makes me wonder, is she afraid of people calling her Corky because of her awesome dance moves? Which then makes me wonder, do people even still use "Corky" as a politically incorrect putdown for someone who displays characteristics resembling that of a mentally challenged person? Cause that show was a long time ago. I know lately people just go with "retard." And they are all going to hell. Where Adam's "Ring of Fire" is currently on permanent loop). Anyway, Megan had the (bird) flu this week so instead of imitating robins and crows, she took it to the farm and did a goat impersonation. A lady goat. Full of milk.

Then last night on elimination night, TPTB over at
Idol tried to punish Adam for his awesomeness by making him think he might be in the bottom three, but everybody knew it was going to be Allison. I mean Alexis. Allison was in the bottom three too though. And that oil guy.

Allison, I mean Alexis was the lowest vote-getter and attempted to sing for the judges' new power of veto, but she "just wasn't good enough" so she went home with the most awesome bitchface ever.


It's one thing for the inconsiderate fuckheads at TMZ to cream themselves over every detail of a horrific tragedy, we expect that by now. But shoving cameras in the faces of a grieving family? That's bad taste, even for them.

Asshat of the Week runner-up goes to Liz Smith for selfishly attempting to stay relevant by blabbing details of Natasha Richardson being taken off life support yesterday.

The whole thing is terrible and sad enough and it's really disgusting the way these leeches are treating it.

RIP Natasha.