Friday, July 13, 2007


Yup at 1:37 PM today I will officially be turning off the twentysomething expressway. I have no freaking idea how this happened.

Anyway, to make myself feel better, here are some people that share my birthday and most are older than me:

Harrison Ford - 65 (7/13/42)
(and the sad part is I would be too old to play his girlfriend in a movie.)

Cheech Marin - 61 (7/13/46)
Smoke up man!

Cameron Crowe - 50 (7/13/57)
Almost Famous is one of my favorite movies ever. Having him on my birthday almost makes up for also having

Yup, Corey Clark (7/13/80)

and then there's also:

X- Pac - 35 (7/13/72)
Who you might remember as Chyna's asshole ex-boyfriend on The Surreal Life a couple years ago and who may be returning to the WWE.

Also turning 30 with me today is

Some actress named Ashley Scott. I've never seen her in anything, but she's pretty cute and doesn't look like an old lady so that makes me feel better. Girl, I'm sharing your pain.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

She didn't really say that, did she?

In an interview in the August 2007 issue of Glamour magazine, Jennifer Lopez says that while she is not pregnant, she's pretty sure everybody wants her to get knocked up because the future of the world depends on her eventual offspring with husband Skeletor, um, I mean Marc Anthony.

When asked about the pregnancy rumors, Jenny replies with this thoughtful piece of verbal diarrhea,
"Marc and I just saw Children of Men. The message of the movie was if we don't have children, there's no hope for the future. And without hope, society just goes to pieces. Maybe that's what the pregnancy rumors are about---hope for future."

Methinks she's been hanging out with Tom and Katie a wee bit too much.

Your call

Brooke Hogan: Breast implants or maturing?


New Couple?

reports that David Spade and Pamela Anderson hung out in Vegas over the weekend. They showed up together at JET nightclub at the Mirage. Their drinks of choice were champagne and Red Bull vodkas.

While some people might say HUH?, it makes sense to me. From what I've heard David has a lot in common with Tommy Lee and it's not just Heather Locklear.

Monday, July 9, 2007

In "Who Asked?" News

"We've been recyclin' with Mr. Al Gore............"

Burnt out as I am, you know I couldn't pass up an opportunity to post when my beloved Axl decides to issue an out of nowhere and pointless press release. So in the latest one released today on his website, Mr. Rose explains, in great length as usual, why (nu) GN'R did not play one of last Saturday's Live Earth shows.

Guns N' Roses or myself will not be performing at Rio Live Earth or Live Earth for a couple of reasons. The first is that we were not asked until the last couple weeks while we were on tour in Australia and have upcoming sold-out dates already rescheduled in Japan. Our gear is already en route to Japan for these shows. We have attempted to find a solution to be able to perform in Rio, but unfortunately none has been suggested.

I was asked to perform individually with Lenny Kravitz by the promoters and Mr. Gore. As we were working this out, Lenny unfortunately became injured and temporarily canceled his involvement from the event. According to the promoters, by the time they had reconfirmed Lenny's performance, there wasn't enough time to arrange flights for myself to Brazil and then to Japan for our upcoming shows. Unfortunately, I was not informed that Lenny's performance was reconfirmed until our own explorations and in following the media surrounding the event today, which is Saturday morning here in Australia and Friday in Brazil.

Guns N' Roses or I were not asked to play anywhere else such as Japan or Australia (as we are already in the regions on tour) and in which we have formally offered to perform but the offer of our involvement was declined.

We wish all involved, the performers, the organizers, the fans and audiences around the world all the best and a very successful event.

Thank you,
Axl Rose

Um, ok? I'm not sure who asked. Even I didn't, and I implore you to find a bigger nutswinger than me.

But now that he's explaining things, hey Axl, how come you didn't play the American Idol finale? Or Eva Longoria and Tony Parker's wedding reception? Or Philadelphia that day in 2002?

You know, you could make it all better though. I have a birthday coming up on Friday. Why don't you give Slash, Duff, Matt, and Izzy a call and give those other dudes a day off? Say about 4 (that's 8 your time)? I'll even dread my hair. (If you can't make it though, I expect a press release.) Ok, call me.

Sorry, it's been a busy day for me

Haven't had a chance to post so in the meantime, for your viewing pleasure, here's a clip from Batshit Abdul's new reality show, Hey Paula!