Thursday, April 19, 2007

Goodbye Sanjaya

We all knew it would happen eventually.

You gotta give the kid credit though. He came out every week with that crazyass smile and awesome hair and did his best to entertain us, knowing full well we were all laughing and making fun. You try doing that. So he kind of rules. Rock on Sanjaya and good luck! I'm sure Pantene will be calling any day now with an offer. If not, you can mooch off your sister after she poses in Playboy.

Wow, this is so not how I thought I'd react. I think I may actually cry. Wipe my tears away Blake!

Oh yeah, has anyone checked on Ashley since last night? I'm afraid that moron on Starving For Sanjaya might have eaten her.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ever wish you could have Paris Hilton cooties of your very own?

There is an auction on Ebay for a hamper that supposedly belonged to Paris Hilton. You can see the actual listing here. The opening bid is $50.00 and no one has bid yet.

The description reads:

This is truly PARIS HILTON HAMPER, where she kept all her dirty laundry.

The item comes with a certificate of authenticity from Star Style, who ran a Paris Hilton auction that included furniture and this piece. The Paris Hilton hamper is in excellent condition.

This is your chance to share in Paris' dirty laundry. No DNA found inside but maybe you have a better investigator. Valtrex sold separately.

The best part is the certificate of authenticity (click to enlarge):

So let's get to bidding people!

Linday needs Ritalin .... Seriously

Poor Lindsay is failing in her quest to be adequite. Everytime she gives an interview, it's spastic, incoherent, and crazy. She doesn't disappoint in her latest interview with Allure. Here are some random quotes:

"When my friends and family are around me I feel like they're safe . . . When my friends have left me - I've just seen everything collapse. They're not safe without me."

"It's so weird that I went to rehab. I always said I would die before I went to rehab."

"Everybody's tired of hearing things about me and them . . . I think it's just better for me to lie low and get better."

Oh Lindsay! Remember when you were just a cute little freckled girl who had a doll that turned into Tyra Banks? Where is that girl?


Paula's a straight-up diva!

Paula Abdul tried to pull the ol' "Do you know who I am?" shit when she tried to board a Southwest flight from San Jose to Burbank recently. For those of you that don't know (including you Paula), Southwest has an open-seating policy. You buy a ticket and wait in line and it's first come, first serve. ( with the exception of young children, disabled people, and the elderly) That's why flights are $9.99.

But Paula didn't think that applied to her.

An "eyewitness" described the incident to Star, “She asked to be let on the plane and seated first."

Paula even reportedly said, “But I’m famous! I need to go on first!”

Then the most awesome thing happened. A fellow passenger yelled “You’re no Sanjaya! You have to board like everyone else.” You rule, Southwest Passenger!

The diva antics didn't end there though. When she finally was allowed to board, Paula pushed her way to the front and then tried to save the empty seat next to her--for her stuff. The flight attendant finally made her give it up.

Oh Paula, did you forget your pills? Remember when you were a young humble girl that just wanted to have a party ? Where is that girl?


Monday, April 16, 2007

I kinda sorta feel bad for him

Star reports that everyone's favorite punchline, SANJAYA, was booed at the Dodgers/Padres baseball game at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on Saturday, April 14th. And he wasn't even singing.

An eyewitness said, "He was just sitting there having a good time with his friends, just like a regular person. And when the Dodger camera noticed him the camera guy ran over and taped him. Sanjaya's face pops up on the big screen right away. At first he smiled, he seemed to like the attention. But when the entire crowd at the stadium started to boo--and it was loud!--his smile faded a bit and his eyes looked sad. It's like he was trying to keep a fake smile on, but you could tell he was crestfallen. He just kept waving and smiling for a few seconds more then his image went off the screen."

Okay, first of all who is this eyewitness? "Crestfallen?" Who says that? The Smashing Pumpkins have a song called Crestfallen and they don't even use the word in it.

Second of all, I bet 95% of those people vote for him.

I kinda sorta feel bad for her

The I Love New York reunion show was on last night and Tango (the ninja-turtle looking"winner" from I Love New York who proposed to Tiffany on the finale) dumped her ass for being a bitch and saying mean things about his momma. So the guy proposed and played her for four months just so he could humiliate her on national television. Yeah, it's kind of awesome but also mean, hey just like Tiffany herself! She said she wished she had chosen Chance instead

Well, the good news is this means there will be an I Love New York 2, now with implants!

Oh yeah, and Pumkin and the Mr. Boston are supposedly a couple. NY didn't buy it though. Me neither.

If you missed it, it will be on 24/7 for the next month.

There's also a great recap here.

This is news?

"I'm bringing mucus back"

Well at least he's honest. Timberfuck recently announced to the world, "I pick my nose and I'm not ashamed to admit it. If there's a bogey there then just pick it man!"

In other Justin news, this week he's dating Jessica Biel, again. A source said that the two were all over each other at a recent party.
"If Jessica was talking to a group of girls, Justin would come over, kiss her neck and start making out with her." Of course this means he'll be back with Scarlett Johanson by Wednesday.