Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hulk Hogan is even more delusional than we thought

Hulk Hogan recently told the Los Angeles Times that he was sent the script for the lead character in The Wrestler but passed on the movie.

He went on to say,
"I don't think the public could have handled it, though. Just made me realize after seeing the movie with Mickey Rourke that if someone does the real Hulk Hogan movie, you better hang on for the ride, brother."

He continued,
"[The movie] Made me realize how shock value - that just the drop of reality - can have an effect on the public. It was wrestling light. Very light version of wrestling."

If that wasn't enough, Hogan, then went on to give advice to Mickey Rourke on appearing at Wrestlemania (which after last night's episode of Monday Night Raw, looks like it is going to happen.)

Hulk said,
"You don't want to jade your performance or have the Hollywood community look at you like, 'you sold out."

(I'll pause while everyone laughs over the idea of Hulk Hogan giving advice on not selling out.)

He went on to say that it was because he continued wrestling that he was never accepted by the Hollywood community and never able to become a legitimate movie star like Dwayne "Don't call me 'The Rock' " Johnson.

that's why. Not because of dookie like this:


Scarlett's pissed

Looks like Woody Allen has a new muse. Woody has cast Slumdog Millionaire (anyone heard of that movie??) star, Freida Pinto his latest film.

Also on board for the unnamed project, Naomi Watts, Josh Brolin, and Sir Anthony Hopkins.

And not Scarlett Johanson!

Hopefully this will turn out better for Freida, than Pink Panther 2 did for fellow Indian actress Aishwarya Rai.

And don't feel too sorry for Scarlett. She still gets to come home to this:


Octomom's Mother - "I think she's crazy too!"

RadarOnline posted a video of batshit Nadya Suleman arguing with her mother. Those lips really start going when Octo loses her shit when her mother suggests giving up the babies for adoption.

Anyone else smell a sitcom? It's the next Kath and Kim!

Oscars 2009

Sorry, I had a bit of an Oscar hangover yesterday. So, hopefully everyone watched, but just in case you missed it here's the Oscars in a nutshell:

Thankfully, the horrible Hugh Jackman/Beyonce!/High School Musica/Beyonce!/Mamma Mia/Beyonce! number was not included in that highlight reel. Baz Luhrmann needs to go into the "Never Be Allowed to Stage An Oscar Performance Ever Again" file right next to Debbie Allen. (Sorry Baz, I still love Moulin Rouge!)

They actually did do a pretty classy thing this year by not cutting off any of the winners speeches with the annoying music cues.

However, they made up for that display of class by tackily teaming Jennifer Aniston and Jack Black (AKA Angelina Jolie's costar in Kung Fu Panda) as presenters for the sole purpose of getting a Jen/Angelina reaction shot:

Ugh, I have to say, well played Jolie. Poor Jen looked so nervous!

Sadly, the Best Actor win was an upset, with Sean Penn winning for
Milk, however that may have been a good thing because I don't think Mickey could have topped the speech he gave the previous night at the Independent Spirit Awards:

In other Oscar news, doctors are preparing to remove the giant growth from Jessica Biel's gown. We wish them the best.

For more Oscar fashion : check this out (because I'm lazy)