Friday, May 1, 2009

Ah-dam!! Ah-dam!!

So this past Wednesday, Idol producers tried to pull the old fakeout on us and make us think Adam was in the bottom 2 and risked going home. He wasn't. He didn't. Matt-in-the-Hat Girard did of course. And America was relieved. No one more so than little Baby Paisley:

Don't forget to vote next week Paisley! It's been confirmed - next week is motherfucking Rock week with special guest mentor:

Hell to the yeah! I wonder if they'll let him smoke. They don't even let Simon smoke indoors!

It has also been revealed that next week the contestants will have two performances - one solo and one duet with another contestant.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Asshat Idol - Top 5- Rat Pack

Surprisingly, last night on American Idol, the Idols stayed true to the Rat Pack theme. Everyone got all dressed up (except Simon and Randy) in their best formal wear and pretended that Jamie Fox was some kind of a legend and didn't say those things about Miley and can I just stop here for a minute and say that there is a rumor that NEXT WEEK IS ROCK WEEK AND SLASH IS THE MENTOR???????!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!! It hasn't been confirmed but if it's true it means that the Idol Gods have finally answered my prayers. This is television Reese's Cups for me! Please be true!! Oh my god.

Sorry, ok. Rat Pack. Standards.


Everything we've come to expect from Adam. Over-the-top, theatrical, crazy vocals, judges cream themselves (Kara, quite literally), etc, etc, etc.


Meaning hopefully she'll make top three (since it's clear Adam and Deadwife are 1 and 2 or 2 and 1, depending on whether dialidol is correct). Because anything less would suck.


Poor Kris. Despite gaining momentum these past few weeks, poor adorable Kris was stuck in the suicide spot this week. Even worse, he received good critiques from the judges, however later in the show the judges seemed to have developed amnesia and completely forgot that they liked him. I'm worried for him tonight. (sorry about the poor quality video)

Ok, while searching for valid YouTubes for the remaining contestants, I stumbled upon this awesomeness, so I'm gonna be lazy and let Sir Bitter take over from here with this week's recap:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BREAKING NEWS - Source of Swine Flu Detected and Sent Back to Mexico

Newlyweds Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are headed to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on their honeymoon.

Have a great time you lovebirds!!!


Rat Pack Week on Idol

Tonight's theme on American Idol is "The Rat Pack" and for absolutely no reason the special guest mentor has been announced as Jamie Foxx.

I don't get it. Did he play Sammy Davis Jr. or something? Wait, hang on. No, no he didn't. Don Cheadle did though, was he busy? Cause that would have made more sense. Oh wait, Jamie Foxx is a
singer, that's right. He's a triple threat. Ugh. Jamie Foxx is one of those people that annoys the everloving hell out of me. Oh well, maybe he'll go off on another Miley tirade.

And am I the only person who can't NOT think of this everytime I see Jamie Foxx?

Funhouse vs. Circus

Pink still don't wanna be a stupid girl. The singer is reportedly pissed with people accusing her of copying Britney Spears' circus theme, with her upcoming similarly-themed Funhouse world tour that will be hitting the states this summer, because her album (also named Funhouse) actually came out before Britney's.

Pink says,
"Had I known that certain other people were going to base their latest thing about circus things, I probably would have went into another direction. I was six months before that and didn't really understand that it was a trend that was happening. I'm pretty out of the loop."


Also "in the loop?" World's sweetheart, Susan Boyle, with her upcoming Carnival tour!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Thank you for being a friend

This made me really sad. Bea Arthur passed away Saturday at the age of 86 from cancer.

RIP Bea.