Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Who'th the douthe now Cristh?

Criss Angel got sent to the corner for some quiet time by the producers of his Las Vegas show, "Believe," after he spotted Perez Hilton in the audience last Friday night.

Criss stopped his act and announced to the crowd,
"I have to recognith thomeone thpecial here in the houth. Pereth Hilton, pleath thand up. We have the world'sth biggeth douthebag athole in the houth!"

Perez then reciprocated with, "Thanks for the free tickets." He then twittered (God, I hate that stupid shit!) some mean comments about Criss's show.

The organizers of "Believe" and the Cirque du Soleil Moon Fry has since apologized for Angel's "inappropriate and disrespectful" comments and have released the following statement:
"Cirque du Soleil does not condone disrespectful behavior towards any audience member at any time. Cirque management will address such behavior privately with any of its artists to ensure it will not happen again. Along with our partner, MGM MIRAGE, Cirque du Soleil wishes to extend an apology to any audience member that may have been offended by Criss Angel's inappropriate and disrespectful remarks at Friday night's performance of Believe."

I'm sure that apology includes everyone sitting in the first row who got spit on.


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